The alternative to Patreon, Ko-fi, Buymeacoffee for Africa. | Ku-di

Your fanbase can also support you on your journey financially

Ku-di is platform that helps African creators, artists and makers continue doing what they doing with the help from their fanbase that supports them through membership tiers that suits them.

Simple and awesome features

We have amazing features tailored that you and your fans would love.

Mutiple Accounts

Apart from your personal account, you can create creator accounts which you can use to receive donations.


Make or receive payments through your mobile money or bank account.

Membership tiers

Create many membership tiers that are tailored for your fans.

No hidden fees

No hidden fees or monthly fees. We only take 10% per successful donations.

Fast and Secured Cashout

Your earnings are automatically deposited into your Bank/Mobile Money account every 48 hours.

More to come

We are working hard to improve on existing features and release new ones.

How it works:

1. Create a Personal Account

Click the "Get started" button above you will be redirected to our Registration page to create a new personal account.

New User Sign Up

2. Open a Creator Account

Look at the top navigation bar, click on the account switcher icon , and click the Create a new accountbutton and you will be redirected to a page where you can to create a new creator account.

New Creator account

3. Update Account Settings and Payout Settings

Go to your Account Settings page where you are update settings related to your account and payout method(where you want us to deposit your earnings)

Few things to update:

  • Account Tab: This where you set an avatar for your account, the name you want others to see, your username, your country which by default is Ghana(GH).
  • Profile Tab: In this tab, you can set the default option of who will see your posts. Set your Google Analytics ID if you want to track visitors on your profile
  • Payment Tab: The most critical info to update is your payout method. We use Paystack for all our transactions. They support payments to Mobile money accounts and Bank accounts.

    Make sure enter the correct details because once you click on "Save", you can't change it again.

    You can also change the default message we use as a "thank you message" each time a financially supports you.

Account settings

4. Create a Membership Tier

In your Dashboard, Click the Tiers menu item on the sidebar to create your membership tiers. You can create as many tiers as you want.

Things to consider when creating a membership tier:

  • Name: Give it a meaningful and catchy name.
  • Amount: The minimum amount is GH₵1.
  • Description: This is where you describe the value of the tier and as well as the perks that your fan will receive when they join this tier. Think of it as a description for a Vodafone internet package 😁

Create membership tiers

5. Share your profile link

You can find your profile link when you go to your dashboard. Just click on "Copy link" button.

Copy profile link

Done. Start earning 🥳

Simply share the copied link with your friends, fan base etc. on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any medium of your choice.

Connect with the community

Feel free to ask questions, report issues, suggest features / improvements and meet new people.

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